BIOS Organics™ sets the standard for quality, potency, and purity of CBD for beauty and wellness. BIOS Organics™ is the first fully licensed, full-spectrum, and single-sourced beauty and wellness brand, providing superlative results. BIOS Organics™ encapsulates all the best qualities demanded by discerning health and humanity consumers — vegan, organic, cruelty-free, female-founded, sustainable and giving back.

BIOS Organics™ leads the industry with the world’s purest form of full spectrum CBD, derived from organic USA Grown Hemp on Federally licensed farms. BIOS Organics™ is a vertically integrated company with oversight on all levels of harvesting, extraction, manufacturing, and distribution. In addition, BIOS Organics™ extensively tests each product with third-party lab verification to consistently deliver the highest quality all-natural CBD product that doctors, patients, and consumers can trust.

BIOS Organics™ is the first to combine inner and outer beauty for superlative results!


The benefits of CBD in Beauty will transform how we take care of our inner and outer health. The recent birth of this industry has led to a flood of inferior products. While we wait for strict legislation to be put in-place to assist consumers, here’s a list of the critical factors to look for and how we stack up:

  • We are the industry leader in the purest form of full spectrum CBD
  • We are federally licensed to produce CBD products, holding BIOS to the strictest Federal guidelines and compliances
  • Our CBD is derived from USA grown Hemp on Federally licensed farms
  • We are vertically integrated with oversights on all levels of harvesting, extraction, manufacturing and distribution
  • Our manufacturing facilities are FDA-Approved and adhered to the highest standards and guidelines
  • All of our products are tested internally and verified by a third-party lab to ensure quality

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