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A New Partnership Seeks to Bring Reliability and Regulation to the CBD Industry

Anaheim, Los Angeles, USA – The increasingly widespread adoption of CBD (cannabidiol) in products across the world has brought with it a wealth of health and lifestyle benefits for consumers. However, the industry remains largely unregulated, which means customers aren’t always guaranteed to get the best deal. A new partnership and a new set of regulations are out to change this.

BIOS OrganicsTM has created the ECBDS (Ethical CBD Standards), a collection of guidelines and regulations designed to help customers find the right products for their needs — products they can really rely on.

To build upon this foundation of regulation, BIOS OrganicsTM has entered into a partnership with the EWG (Environmental Working Group) a company that has become renowned for its high ethical standards and great product certifications.

Tamara Loehr, a BIOS OrganicsTM founding member, explains more:

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with EWG as we have long been impressed with the ethical standards that EWG uphold, both within their certification guidelines and their product selection. In the absence of CBD industry standards, we created our own strict guidelines — something that consumers can look at and know immediately that they are working with the best in terms of both ethics and quality. Having EWG certification as part of these guidelines was a natural fit.”

EWG mark products with the “EWG Verified” logo, providing customers with a quick and easy visual reference point that demonstrates a high level of quality, safety, and ethical standard. Under the partnership, this logo will also form part of the ECBDS regulations and guidelines, giving consumers an extra level of peace of mind when they buy CBD products and helping to improve the reputation of this growing industry.

EWG had this to say about their EWG Verified campaign:

“The EWG VERIFIED™ mark is the gold standard in the health and wellness space. EWG VERIFIED goes beyond labels and drives companies to disclose more ingredients seldom listed on products in an effort to drive the market toward greater transparency. Companies are also required to follow good manufacturing practices. When consumers searching product aisles see the EWG VERIFIED mark, they know that products bearing it meet EWG’s strictest criteria for transparency and health.”

Consumers will be able to look out for this mark the next time they shop for CBD products. The campaign will instil higher levels of confidence in the customer base, laying the groundwork for further development in the market.


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